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New York City’s Alternative Incarceration Programs: Cut Crime, Cut Costs and Help People and Communities

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In Category : Reentry, Community Reinvestment, Criminal Justice Reform, Place Based Reform

Alternative to Incarceration Programs (ATIs) are an integral part of the strategy that has allowed the City to reduce crime, reduce jail and prison populations, and help individuals and neighborhoods across the City. Instead of sentencing someone to jail or prison, ATIs allow a judge to sentence someone to a program where they receive treatment, education and employment training in the community, all the while remaining under strict supervision. And, if people do not succeed in these programs , the court still has the option of sentencing them to incarceration. Studies by the nation’s leading criminal justice researchers have shown that ATIs reduce jail time, and successfully treat people in the community without  compromising public safety. All the while, ATIs are meeting the diverse needs of the people they serve, while enhancing the quality of life of the City’s most challenged communities.


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