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Effective Methods of Reducing Youth in Secure Placements

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In Category : Reentry, Youth Justice

In an attempt to help inform this decision, the Office of Youth Development (OYD) asked the Justice Policy Institute (JPI) to examine the circumstances of 25 youth currently in secure OYD institutions, but whose risk assessment scores indicate they are appropriate for community placement. OYD officials reported that these 25 cases represent approximately 150 youth currently in secure OYD custody. JPI was asked to explore the elements in each case, interview the youth and their families, interview key actors in the system and examine policy and local practice as they relate to secure custody decisions for youth. At the conclusion of our examination of individual cases and related systemic juvenile justice issues, JPI was asked to provide recommendations as to how youth in institutional custody, particularly those with low risk-assessment scores, could be safely managed in the community.


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