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A Public Health Crisis: The Health Cost of Gun Violence and Its Links to Incarceration

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In Category : Criminal Justice Reform, Gun Violence

A Joint Report: JPI and The Public Health Center of the Yale Roosevelt Institute

In August 2019, the Public Health Center of the Yale Roosevelt Institute contacted JPI about collaborating during the 2019 – 2020 academic year. Yale Roosevelt is a premier student-run policy think tank that partners with national policy organizations to conduct research that addresses strategic areas of focus. Yale Roosevelt is one of 120 chapters of the Roosevelt Institute nationally, which span 38 states.

Over the course of the academic year, students from Yale Roosevelt researched the health costs of gun violence and the corresponding impact on mass incarceration. This document reflects the analyses and recommendations developed by the authors. JPI deeply appreciates the work of Yale Roosevelt in publishing this paper, which is a valuable contribution to the conversation on the public health crisis of gun violence and its links to mass incarceration.

As you will read in A Public Health Crisis: The health cost of gun violence and its link to incarceration, the accessibility and utilization of firearms impact communities across the country, especially communities of color. Moving forward, JPI intends to build on the foundation developed by Yale Roosevelt in this document to push criminal justice institutions to respond differently to community violence by adopting public health approaches and decreasing this nation’s reliance on incarceration.

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