Our factsheet on what the negative consequences would be for putting more police in schools was used across the country to help shape the debate on how to keep our kids safe. And as our allies in the field added their voices to the conversation, they relied on our research report Education Under Arrest to talk to policymakers at the White House and advocates in the field, to provide key information on how school police don’t work to reduce youth violence or improve young lives. 

The President’s violence prevention proposal showed that we had an impact but still have work to do. In particular, the administration is proposing more funds in the next budget for school safety, which local school systems can use for school resource officers but which can instead be used for mental health counselors and initiatives which have shown to improve school safety and student outcomes. That means policymakers and educators across the country need to know that more school police isn’t a solution. And JPI will be there to give them the facts they need to make good decisions.   

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