A Message from the Board of Directors
February 1, 2024

On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my great pleasure to announce that Jasmine L. Tyler is taking the helm as Executive Director at the Justice Policy Institute. We are thrilled and honored that Jasmine will assume this role for the organization and the field. With an illustrious career marked by impactful advocacy, a commitment to justice reform, and a visionary outlook, Jasmine brings a wealth of experience to her new position.

Jasmine’s selection as Executive Director ensures the continuity of JPI’s key strengths and offers the promise of dynamic change and expansion. JPI puts data analysis, problem solving, and communications into the service of the wisdom and aspirations of people and communities most harmed by crime and mass incarceration. Jasmine’s commitment to continuing that tradition and building upon it authentically, rigorously, and creatively will be an enormous contribution to the strength and impact of our work.

Jasmine is an inspirational and transformational leader and a seasoned advocate for justice reform, with over two decades in progressive policy advocacy, coalition building and management, philanthropy, and executive leadership. She has played pivotal roles in the passage of landmark legislation, including the federal Fair Sentencing Act, D.C.’s Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Amendment Act, the repeal of the federal syringe exchange funding ban, and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act. Her global impact includes active participation in international human rights treaty reviews and deep connections with advocates and NGOs in other countries. Most recently, as a professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University, Jasmine has helped shape the next generation of leaders, especially in the realm of race within the criminal legal system.

As JPI looks toward this new era of leadership, the Board of Directors also wants to recognize the work and dedication of our remarkable staff who have continued to thrive and lead during this time of transition. In particular, we thank Paul Ashton, who ably led the organization as our Interim Executive Director. We are thrilled to announce that he will now take on a new role as JPI’s Deputy Executive Director.

At this moment of anti-justice backlash, resurgent racism, growing economic disparity, and proliferating misinformation, it is crucial that JPI not only remain on our historic path, but also widen it to include new partners and allies who share a vision of justice that defies mass incarceration and pursues genuine safety and equity for all. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our new Executive Director Jasmine Tyler. We are confident that her leadership will guide JPI into a future marked by growth, impact, and positive change.


Katharine Huffman
Chair, Board of Directors
Justice Policy Institute