JPI is a proud contributor ofDream of a Nation,” a book project which highlights key issues including: building an equitable and green economy, waging peace, strengthening community, media reform, people-centered government, ending poverty, and more. As contributor Alice Walker writes, “Dream of a Nation offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be.”

This project, a glossy, 446-page book of essays  highlighting a people-centered initiative focused on big dreams, bold innovations, and realizing our full potential as a nation, is an effort to elevate awareness and inspire action around a range of critical social, environmental, and economic issues.

Our essay, “Reforming Prisons, Saving Billions, Creating Opportunities,” attempts to explain the dramatic increase in the U.S. prison population over the last quarter century and suggests alternatives on making smart investments in our communities and social institutions.

In addition to JPI’s submission, Vice President Gore, NASA Astronaut Jerry Linenger and Common Cause are among the 60 visionaries and organizations featured in the book. One hundred percent of the proceeds support over 60 organizations and leaders within the civil society movement.

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